Australian Bushfires Support

We have heard from many of you around the world asking how we are and how you can help. We are all fine, thank you for thinking of us.

However, to help others directly affected, Down Under Enterprises has chosen to support the rescue efforts of our native animals and one of our growers, Kamal, whose Organic Tea Tree farm and livestock were decimated by the recent bushfires. 


Anything helps


We will be grateful for any contribution you can provide

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More About the Bushfires

We are all incredibly disheartened by the continuing bushfire crisis here in Australia.  These fires began in the region near our own farms. But with the record-breaking drought across Australia, new fires have sparked and expanded across much of the East Coast. The impact has been far-reaching – beyond just those directly hit by the fires -- highways and airports closed, families separated over the holidays, and at times the worst air quality in the world. 

It’s now estimated that these fires have consumed an area in excess of 12 million hectares – it’s massive.  These fires are having a devastating impact on our people, our environment, and especially our unique wildlife.  Unfortunately, the regular bushfire season is only just starting – we have over two more months of heightened fire risk.  And while these bushfires remain, it's imperative that we continue to support efforts to fight the fires and support recovery activities in affected areas.​

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Bushfires support

Many of you have contacted us wanting to help. Down Under Enterprises and Australia in general are very grateful for any and all assistance which you and/or your company might provide.  Our own contributions are focused on three specific areas:​

Essential Oil Farmers – Down Under has delivered immediate food, supplies, and personal support to our Essential Oil farmers and Suppliers directly affected by the bushfires​.

Our Suppliers– Down Under is helping our suppliers rebuild and get back on their feet, like our export pallet suppliers, a family business which was completely destroyed by recent bushfires​.

Australian Wildlife – Down Under has become a major corporate sponsor of WIRES, the Wildlife Rescue. It’s estimated that over 500 million native Australian animals have perished in the fires. For the ones remaining, they are in desperate need of care and food until their habitat recovers​.

At Down Under Enterprises, we are committed to providing support across our network where possible. If you would like to join us with a contribution to Australian bushfire recovery efforts, we encourage you to join us via the following channels for direct support:​


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