Cycle of Sustainability 

Sustainability is at the heart of our farming operations. From major initiatives like our R&D optimization programs down to the finest details including packaging seals to preserve our oils and prevent product loss, we continually look for new ways to improve our sustainability profile and deliver a premium product to you.

Our ‘Cycle of Sustainability’ illustrates the seasonal cycle of our farming operations, complemented by the manufacturing processes and controls which we have implemented to achieve our highly specified product quality standards to meet your strictest product and environmental sustainability requirements.

Down Under also recognizes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals program and has aligned our sustainability initiatives to this program.  We are proud of the work we have done and continue to do to support our Sustainability program, including:

  • No Fossil Fuels – 100% renewable electricity across our office, warehouse, and farm operations
  • No ‘Flight Shame’ –  >80% of all company flights, domestic and international, are fully carbon offset

Download “Our Commitment to Sustainability” to learn more about our completed and ongoing Sustainability projects.

Download Here


Down Under Enterprises grows, produces, exports, and markets traceable and sustainable native Australian essential oils and botanicals. We source from our farm, Buhlambar, and from small growers across Australia.  Talk with us today about your requirements.