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Welcome to the first edition of our new monthly newsletter, THE DOWN UNDER UPDATE.  Every month this digital newsletter is our way to keep you up-to-date with what we're up to Down Under, including: latest happenings, handy tips, product updates, special offers, and more.

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As we go to press with this first newsletter, the Coronavirus outbreaks around the world are testing the resolve and patience of governments, companies, and individuals alike.  The March issue will delve deeply into this topic, but if you have specific questions about our products or our company activities during this time, we are here for you.

Please REPLY TO US via this email with any questions.  We would also like to hear from you if you have any suggested blog topics, featured products, or other ideas for future newsletters – we love hearing from you.

Please feel free to email us with any suggested blog topics, feature products, or other issues – we would love to hear from you.


Not often are companies recognized twice in the same month by national government organizations, but that just happened to us in February. The Export Council Australia announced us as their Featured Exporter. The Australian Border Force admitted us into their Australian Trusted Trader program.

Australian Trusted Trader:

As an accredited Australian Trusted Trader (ATT), Down Under and our customers enjoy reduced red tape at the border, improves certainty in export markets, and expedites the flow of cargo in and out of Australia and with countries with which Australia maintains a free trade agreement, including: Canada, China (PRC), Japan, Singapore, Korea, and Taiwan.

This means we can offer you and your company more security of supply, faster access of our products, and assistance from a ATT Border Force Officer dedicated to Down Under to help resolve issues, if they do arise, at your receiving port.


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We got rain! 

Rain gauge overflow-940x627After the longest and driest drought in recent Australian history, we received a drenching in late January. We received over 363mm of rain – that’s over 14 inches of rain – in ten days!

While some folks in the area are now watching out for flooding, our tea trees and other plants are loving it.  During the drought our farm was in the fortunate situation of having good irrigation reserves, so our trees had continued growing, albeit at a slower rate than normal.  

Dams overflowing

Following these rains however, our dams are now full and we are expecting plant growth to be back on track when harvest time rolls around in 4-5 months’ time.  The rain has also been great for our 600+ koala food trees planted over the last six months.  Some of these trees are already taller than us!



Blockchain is coming. Down Under is working with the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association (ATTIA), blockchain experts GEORA, and Agrifutures Australia to develop a pilot blockchain system for deployment in 2020. Funded as an approved project through the Tea Tree Oil industry R&D levy, this pilot system will incorporate ATTIA Code of Practice grower certifications, batch specific production details, and online access by manufacturers receiving oil from these batches.  CONTACT US if you are interested in participating as an end-manufacturer in our blockchain pilot.

Down Under is serious about Traceability.  We have implemented bespoke IT systems and are ready to onboard blockchain with this Tea Tree project in 2020 and then across our full product portfolio later in the year.

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Meet our team in this first newsletter!

Every quarter our team spends a full day working through key strategic initiatives and reviewing our KPIs for the year.  Once a year, we bring everyone together, including our US Sales Team, for a face to face meeting and a Farm Work Day. For last December’s meeting, the team convened at our farm, Buhlambar for three days of activities.  While at the farm, we continued the development of our ‘Koala Corridor’, planting over 300 koala-food eucalyptus trees.  We also reviewed our new packaging solutions and procedures.  There was some (reluctant) pulling of weeds, but we also had some fun with tractor lessons and a fascinating cruise on the Richmond River (one source of irrigation supply) with an ecologist to better appreciate the river’s wildlife and how we can positively contribute to the health of the river system.






Down Under has recently committed to full conversion of our essential oil packaging to  aluminum flasks (sizes: 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg).  We are taking this action based on an extensive project which considered:

  • SHELF LIFE – preliminary studies support an extension to 5 year shelf life. This long term and accelerated study program is now underway.  Further information and updated COAs can be provided once testing is complete. Of course, a longer shelf life also means less waste.

  • RISK – our previous standard packaging was HDPE. However Tea Tree Oil also required fluorination (Level 5) of the drums and caps; creating risk for failed fluorination at the manufacturer.

  • HANDLING – The handle on the 10 and 20kg containers make for easier pouring, with lower risk of splashing and product wastage.

  • SUSTAINABILITY – while HDPE may offer a theoretical lower carbon footprint than aluminum, in reality HDPE is much more damaging to the environment.

    • >75% of all aluminum is recycled versus <15% of HDPE

    • HDPE can only be ‘downcycled’ to lesser grade plastics, while aluminum is melted down and can retain high purity levels

    • Weight – our aluminum packaging is lighter than HDPE drums


Alum flasks with DUE capTo assure our products arrive to a pure and un-altered state, our new packaging incorporates branded caps, featuring our famous 'kangaroos and shipping box' logo. These caps join our branded drum seals as additional anti-adulteration measures.

The new Aluminum packaging for our essential oils will be phased in as we replenish the HDPE-packaged stock in our warehouses.  These shipments have already commenced to our customers worldwide. 

We hope you are pleased with our new environmental packaging solution.  If you have any specific questions about this new packaging, please email us.

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Our Australian Wood Oils Collection encompasses a range of exquisite essential oils from the wood of native Australian trees. These oils offer amazing ‘base note’ aromas, each with a range of scientifically validated benefits from anti-inflammatory, skin whitening, and many other functional properties. 

Explore our range of Australian Wood Oils and what they offer your product formulations today.

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