Global Webinar Series

Our Global Webinar Series targets awareness and education on Native Australian Botanicals and maintaining a sustainable global Essential Oil Industry.

What topics will this series cover?


We will tackle the challenging issues faced by our industry with expert input from representatives in Industry, Academia and Agriculture.

  • Distillation, Farming and Quality Processes
  • Scientific Evidence and Efficacy
  • Grower and Ingredient Stories
  • Market Trends and Harvest Insights
  • Traceability of Ingredients
  • Regulatory Challenges and Initiatives

Who is this webinar series for?
We will delve into topics pertinent to formulators, buyers, QC, and marketers of formulated products containing botanical ingredients.

  • Purchasing
  • Corporate Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Research and Development
  • Quality Control

Join us on this series as we learn from the experts and help shape a more sustainable Essential Oil Industry.