Down Under Enterprises grows, produces, exports, and markets traceable
and sustainable native Australian essential oils and botanicals grown on our farm, Buhlambar, and from small growers across Australia producing unique essential oils and botanicals from plants native to Australia.





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JULY 2021

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Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil

Consumers around the globe know and trust Australian Tea Tree Oil.

Produced by steam distillation from leaves of the native Australian tree, Melaleuca alternifolia, this essential oil is consistently one of the top 5 Essential Oils used globally.

Tea Tree Oil is recognized for its antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Popularly known for its efficacy in treating Acne and Dandruff; Tea Tree Oil’s applications range from Personal Care to Home Care, Environmental and Medicinal. In fact the European Medicines Agency, recognizes Australian Tea Tree Oil for cutaneous and oral indications of use.

Featured Product_TTO_July21-1Tea Tree Oil is one of the biggest crops from our farms in Australia. Down Under manages and provides full traceability of our Tea Tree Oil from our farm to your facility. When you work with Down Under Enterprises, you get guarantees of quality, consistency, and supply:

  • Ecovadis Platinum sustainability rating

  • ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 Certified

  • Australian Tea Tree Industry Association (ATTIA) Code of Practice GMP-like system

  • Warehouses in US, Europe, and Asia

  • Direct Sales teams in North America, Europe, and Asia


Buy directly from the farm and be confident in the purity of your Tea Tree Oil.

Published research has established a clear link between PURITY and the antimicrobial EFFICACY of Tea Tree Oil. A recent survey of retail products containing Tea Tree Oil in North America found that 31% were adulterated. In Europe the rate was higher at 37%. You can read more on that here: Purity and Efficacy - Is There A Link?

Contact us to learn more!

BENEFIT 1 – Buy directly from the grower – us!
BENEFIT 2 – Convenience local warehouses, local shipping
BENEFIT 3 – Purchase in your local currency
BENEFIT 4 – Be assured of purity, quality, and efficacy


Benzoyl Peroxide, Antibiotics, or Tea Tree Oil?

The Evidence_TTO-ACNE-1

Acne is a top consumer concern. Consumers also recognize Australian Tea Tree Oil’s benefits in this area. Combining Tea Tree Oil with an approved acne active can help prevent and heal acne and overcome any FDA monograph and labelling issues.

We have published a White Paper: Applications of Tea Tree Oil for Acne Vulgaris which covers the following topics, and more.

  •  78% of female survey respondents experience regular acne flare ups
  • Maskne is affecting people who previously didn’t experience acne breakouts
  • 34% of 4000 females surveyed responded to using TTO (the highest rated) with good experiences
  • TTO performed better than Antibiotics (erythromycin) in a randomized, double blind human clinical trial
  • TTO performed equally to Benzoyl Peroxide in a randomized, double blind human clinical trial

    Download the White Paper to learn more. 

Download White Paper


The Evidence_TTO_Dandruff-1

Giving synthetics the brushoff

Did you know that Australian Tea Tree Oil (TTO) is a viable alternative – or a boost – to Zinc or synthetic antifungals in Dandruff Shampoo?

We have just published the White Paper: Applications of Tea Tree Oil for Clinical Dandruff which covers some of the  following topics.

  • Australian TTO highly is effective against Malassezia fungi (yeasts) which causes dandruff

  • Australian TTO is more effective, at lower doses, than common fungicides such as Econazole and Miconazole

  • TTO is natural and stable with natural surfactants

  • Zinc requires synthetic surfactants to stabilize the formula which contribute to environmental toxicity

Download the White Paper to learn more.

Download White Paper


Sustainability Webinar


We recently participated in the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Virtual Edition in North America and presented on Traceable and Sustainable Supply Chains.

The interest in Traceability at the Summit was strong, especially in the panel discussion that followed. Based on this interest, and on Sustainable Sourcing overall, we are pleased to announce our next global webinar!

The webinar will build on achieving a sustainable supply chain in every aspect, Environmental, Social, Governance – and the implications on Brand value.

So save the date.

We hope you will be able to join us on one of the below sessions.


Thu 19 August

10pm Sydney, 8pm China, 2pm Paris, 8am New York

Fri 20 August

6am Sydney, 4pm New York (Thu 19 Aug) 1pm San Francisco (Thu 19 Aug)

Friday 20 August

10am Sydney, 8am Beijing, 5pm San Francisco,(Thu 19 Aug)


To register your interest, subscribe to our Global Webinar Series to receive an email notification once this event is open for registration.

Watch our video to learn about some of our Sustainability initiatives.






Farm Day for the Sydney Team 

The Down Under Sydney-based office team visited our farm, Buhlambar, last month as part of our annual team Farm Day to learn and develop together. If you’ve been following our newsletter, you’ll know that our Koala conservation work has been an ongoing team project that’s very close to our hearts. The natural habitat of koalas has been at risk due to many factors, and the devastating effects of the 2020 Australian bushfires resulted in further decimation of their ecosystem. We’ve also been working with Wildlife Rescue Australia (WIRES) as a silver sponsor and doing our own fundraising to support our native wildlife.

We’ve been planting Eucalyptus trees to form a “Koala corridor” along the boundary of our farm to provide safe passage and a food source to support the local koala population. Eucalyptus trees grow relatively quickly, which is great for our koalas. 

But being young, these trees also lack the tree hollows many animals need for shelter. So on this trip we undertook an initiative, in conjunction with WIRES, to build and install nesting boxes of various shapes and sizes to accommodate our local birds such as cockatoos, galahs, and lorikeets, as well as our native possums and gliders, to name a few.

Here is some behind the scenes footage from our Farm Day showing our team building the nesting boxes.

Team at BB June 21






From our farm to your facility

Travelling to Australia has never been “convenient” for customer visits - and a near impossibility right now. But pre-COVID, we hosted dozens of international customer farm visits annually. And our customers loved it, quickly forgetting the inconvenience of that long plane trip. Our customers experienced a full understanding of farming essential oils – the traceability of our products – at each stage.

So until we can welcome you back ‘Down Under’, enjoy our new video highlighting our farming and distillation activities.

DUE TTO_ackn country intro




Sales Support Executive, Juliana Zamudio talks about her favourite oil, Tea Tree Oil

We are excited to announce a video series by our own employees called ‘My Favorite Oil’. We hope these candid insights provide another dimension to your understanding of our oils.

Here’s Juliana talking about her favorite oil, Tea Tree Oil, and how the aroma challenged her in the beginning…

Juliana - My Favorite Oil - Tea Tree Oil




Phil Prather’s Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Presentation

Watch the presentation Phil delivered at the recent Sustainable Cosmetics Summit on Traceability and Transparency in Supply Chains.

Session 3 - Talk 2 Traceability and Transparency in Supply Chains