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MARCH 2020

Hi again,

In this month's Down Under Update, Coronavirus and COVID-19 are of course the really big news. Around the world, Coronavirus is the focus of over 65% of all news stories every day, in every country. Behind these numbers, however, are real people. Our thoughts and wishes go out to those persons and their families affected by this outbreak.

We hope you, your teams and their families are well. At Down Under, all our staff are safe and well as of this Newsletter. We have put in place preventive measures across the team – including Tea Tree Oil in our diffusers, using hand sanitizers with added Tea Tree Oil. We are actively monitoring the situation and the impact on our staff, customers, and our growers. Read In The News to learn more about our response to COVID-19.

Of note, we are experiencing very high demand across the globe for our pure Australian Tea Tree Oil for its demonstrated Anti-Viral Properties.

On a happier note, we have exciting news to share with you this month. Down Under has signed a formal distribution agreement with New Zealand Manuka (NZM), the largest grower of Manuka Oil in the world. Read more about why you should get excited by Manuka Oil in our Featured Oil section below.

We thought it fitting that our featured Employee this month be our founder, Dee-Ann. It was her desire to help her parents sell Tea Tree Oil from their farm that started Down Under. Her vision and dedication to growers and customers alike has shaped this business ever since.

With the Coronavirus epidemic upon us, the devastating Australian bushfires of late 2019 may seem like an ancient memory. But for those directly affected like our koalas, and our organic tea tree grower, the battle for recovery is still very much here and now. Thanks to many of you, we had a successful fundraising drive. Collectively we raised over $7000 for Australian Wildlife Rescue and over $21,000 for our organic grower. We are continuing to work with our grower to replace the seedling nursery, replace burnt out equipment, and establish new tree plantings. With your help, we are helping them get back on their feet – but it’s still a long road to any sense of normalcy.

Thank you for reading our March newsletter.

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There’s nothing normal about COVID-19.  The global situation is evolving daily, presenting major disruptions to our daily lives. Down Under Enterprises is supporting the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and the broader community in the following ways.

  • All employees and their families are safe

  • All employees have been given the option of working from home

  • Employees at greater risk of transport-based infection have chosen to work from home

  • Adopting enhanced personal hygiene and product cleaning protocols

  • Treating our office and employees’ homes weekly with a Tea Tree Oil fogging solution

  • Ceasing all international and domestic travel

  • Moving in-person meetings to a virtual basis wherever possible

  • Shifting significant essential oil stock to our US warehouse as a precautionary measure

As coronavirus epicenters shift across the globe, we are experiencing a significant and corresponding market demand for our pure Australian Tea Tree Oil.  Last month is was Asia, this month it is Europe.  Our North American team are now seeing this trending demand as well.  It very heartening to us that consumers have made a connection between Tea Tree’s antimicrobial properties and its antiviral potential.

JHU M_M map


In a SPECIAL TEA TREE ANTI-VIRAL FEATURE now available, we detail the published scientific evidence supporting the anti-viral claims of pure Australian Tea Tree Oil.  Our detailed findings on these scientific data explain the viral transmission mechanism for viruses in general, the anti-viral mechanism of Tea Tree Oil, the supporting scientific publications, and what product formats may best take advantage of Tea Tree Oil’s properties.

TTO virus email


Apart from the above measures – and the increased demand for our Tea Tree Oil – life is pretty much ‘business as usual’ for us.  Our farm is in good shape after excellent rainfall and now good Aussie sunshine. Our staff are busy with the sales activity, and we are bringing on new and exclusive oils (read about MANUKA below).

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While COVID-19 is proving to be a massive disruption to many businesses, our logistics team is also working hard to keep shipments moving, service our customers, and keep our warehouses sufficiently stocked. Our supply chain remains resilient as demonstrated during the bushfires and even now with COVID-19.

  • Logistics partners are fully operational, with administrative staff working from home

  • Rigid restrictions and active screening of all arriving cargo are in place for sea freight, however these measures have not slowed shipping schedules

  • Cancelled commercial airline operations have (so far) had a minimal impact of our overseas airfreight, with much of our airfreight cargo going via cargo-only carriers. However, it does make for reduced flexibility on routes and space - especially for our DG cargo shipments.

  • Shipments to global ports continues without issue, with our Australian Trusted Trader status enhancing the customs clearance process

  • We receive daily updates from our freight forwarders and courier services, adapting to any unforeseen changes as well as decisions made by the Australian and Foreign Governments.

Have specific questions for our LOGISTICS team about shipping? EMAIL them now.

Shipment of Essential Oils


Our Australian bushfire assistance activities – for growers, suppliers, and especially our koalas – have had great results. Thank you!

Kamal composite bushfire

At the height of the bushfires in December, we undertook a range of activities for those affected, including support for our koalas and other wildlife, our suppliers, and some of our growers too. 

Our Bushfire Support Fundraising Campaign has been successful.  Collectively we raised over $7,000 for Australian Wildlife Rescue (WIRES), and over $21,000 for Kamal, one of our organic Tea Tree growers.

new tree growth after bushfires

For Kamal and her team, the battle for recovery is ongoing. But the Australian bush has an amazing ability to recover.  Following recent rains, the native trees are getting a green flush. We are continuing to work with Kamal and her team to replace the seedling nursery, replace burned equipment, and establish new tree plantings.  With your help, they are getting back on their feet – but it’s still a long road to any sense of normalcy. 

WIRES-Silver Sponsorship

However for the Australian koala, with over 30,000 bushfire related koala deaths, their struggle for survival will unfortunately continue for many years. 

WIRES has recently recognized Down Under’s commitment to helping these iconic Australian animals, separate from our tree-food planting efforts and the fundraising campaign, as a major corporate sponsor.

If you missed the chance to donate and want to, the Wildlife Rescure (WIRES) and Organic Tea Tree Grower fundraising sites are still open – even $20 helps considerably.  Thank you!




Traceability for Down Under means we know the grower, we know the source, and we share this information with you.  

New Zealand Manuka Logos Bioactives Macron

Our new Partnership with New Zealand Manuka Group (NZM) for the Preferred Distribution of their Manuka Oil perfectly exemplifies this commitment to making sure you know the source of our oils.

Down Under and NZM at Manuka farm

For many months, we have been working with the team at New Zealand Manuka to establish how to bring the benefits of this special relationship to you, including coordinated Quality Management, Scientific and Technical Support, and local US warehousing, to name a few. 

In November 2019, we spent a week with New Zealand Manuka, our exclusive Manuka grower, visiting their farms in the East Cape of New Zealand.  DSC_1147We learned from traditional Maori of their caring for the land, their long-term and intrinsic relationship with the Manuka plant, what their close relationship with New Zealand Manuka means for them and their families, and of the significant plantings underway, by the traditional Maori landowners themselves, to provide more pure Manuka Oil to Down Under's customers around the world.

We even tasted Manuka Honey straight from the hive. This rich and nutritious honey, now famous around the world is highly sought after by consumers, medical, and personal care manufacturers alike for its unique antibacterial properties.DSC_0999

With New Zealand - and especially the East Cape - being the closest major landmass to the International Date Line, we arose at 3am one morning, climbed in the pitch dark, up to the East Cape lighthouse to catch the first rays of sunshine of a new day on Earth. What an incredible experience!DSC_1250

Knowing our growers, knowing the source of our oils, and their benefits for your products is core to what we do at Down Under.

Talk with us about your questions on Manuka Oil or any of our other 100% pure native Australian essential oils and botanicals today.



Our first employee was Dee-Ann, the founder of Down Under Enterprises.

Dee office_2019_350px

Ironically 35 years ago she made the trek from the family farm, 12 hours South, to attend the University of Sydney and gain a degree in Economics. Dee-Ann vowed never to go back to farming!  Nowadays Dee-Ann loves getting out of our Sydney office and up to our farm, Buhlambar. You can just see the joy in her 6th generation Australian farmer eyes.

What she loves equally as much is working with our customers who truly believe in naturals and in producing a better product for their customers.  It’s a far cry from her days on a trading floor of an Investment Bank (Macquarie Bank and Bankers Trust) or managing complex customer projects as a Management Consultant (Deloitte). 


Since founding Down Under in 2001, Dee-Ann has seen the total transformation of ‘Naturals’ from being niche and quirky to now mainstream consumer focus.  She has seen (with a bit of trepidation) multinationals gobble up her early customers – think Tom’s of Maine and Colgate; Aveda and Estee Lauder; and The Art of Shaving and P&G.  But Dee-Ann is now encouraged by this. These acquired – but feisty – natural companies have impacted their much larger suitors more than she ever imagined.  MNCs are learning and understanding natural supply chains, how to assure purity and provenance, and the embedded value of true naturals quickly.  


For these reasons, Dee-Ann sees her little start-up of nearly 20 years ago - focused on traceable and sustainable native Australian and New Zealand botanicals - is only just getting started.

There’s a reason she’s still smiling after all these years. 




EcoVadis is the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability (CSR) ratings.

Over 450 multinationals rely upon EcoVadis to independently validate the CSR credentials of their supply chain.  This reduces risk in their supply chain and assists innovation in their own sustainability efforts.

We are anxiously awaiting the results of our EcoVadis assessment.  Once our CSR rating is in place, we will be one of >60,000 businesses on the EcoVadis network.  Watch this space next month for our results.

If your company is one of these businesses which prefers to work with EcoVadis-certified suppliers, CONTACT US to receive a copy of our certification as soon as it is available.

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Consumers around the world know about Manuka Honey, with natural purported antibacterial, antiviral, and antioxidant properties. Manuka essential oil is extracted from the same plant (Leptospermum scoparium), which New Zealanders ('Kiwis') often call Tea Tree, containing rare 'Triketone' actives.

Controlled studies demonstrate Manuka's excellent bactericidal and fungicidal efficacy:

S. aureus - MBC of 0.091%.

T. mentagrophytes - MBC of 0.067%

M. canis - MBC of 0.067%

Explore what our Manuka Oil may offer your product formulations today.

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