30 August 2021

Natural Ingredient Targets Cause of Body Odor

Manuka Oil is a relatively new botanical ingredient for the Personal Care Market. Manuka Oil is an essential oil, steam distilled from the leaves of Leptospermum scoparium, a tree native to both New Zealand and Australia.

Recent microbiological testing, commissioned by Down Under Enterprises, demonstrates Manuka’s affinity for Staphylococcus hominis, the bacterium that causes body odor. Read more in our White Paper.

Dee-Ann Prather, CEO at Down Under Enterprises stated, "It is very exciting to have identified an efficacious natural ingredient for use in deodorants. Natural deodorants have historically been a challenging category. With growing consumer interest in natural deodorants, we are pleased to offer this ingredient."

Consumer purchasing in the antiperspirant and deodorant (APDO) product segments declined during COVID-19 according to MINTEL Personal Care reports, resulting in lower segment growth levels in 2020. Consumers felt less obliged to prevent body odor and perspiration when isolating at home. Some consumers used their time in self-isolation to try out natural deodorants, citing health concerns of antiperspirant agents. While pre-COVID deodorant usage levels are likely to recover with a return to the office, it is hypothesized that recent consumer experiences with natural deodorants may persist. Incorporating a naturally effective ingredient, like Manuka Oil, may be attractive to consumers while offering product benefits.

A review of the MINTEL Global New Products Database (GNPD) suggests significant market opportunities exist within the Deodorant and Soap & Bath categories with products containing Manuka Oil for natural body odor management. Read more in our White Paper.

Down Under Enterprises’ Manuka Oil is produced under a fair share partnership model with Māori Kaitiaki in the East Cape region of New Zealand, who are working the land of their ancestors. This partnership model provides shares and a fair and open return of the revenue gained from the Mānuka Oil sourced from their land.

NZ Mānuka growers are revitalizing traditional (Māori) farming practices and reclaiming the traditional way of Māori land ownership. New plantings are now being established to meet global demand for Mānuka Oil.

To learn more about Manuka Oil and its deep connection with Māori Kaitiaki, watch this VIDEO.

About the Company

Down Under Enterprises grows, produces, exports, and markets traceable and sustainable native Australian essential oils and botanicals grown on our farm, Buhlambar, and representing small growers across Australia producing unique essential oils and botanicals from plants native to Australia.

Down Under Enterprises is an ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 certified company, and holds an EcoVadis Platinum Sustainability rating, achieving the top 1% of all companies globally.


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