A Zero Carbon Essential Oil Distillery – one of a kind!

Down Under Enterprises in partnership with a 25-year Australian essential oil industry veteran is launching a new mobile essential oil distillery called ‘Mobile Essence’. The distillery operates entirely on solar power and hydrogen, resulting in zero carbon emissions. This will be the first of its kind in the market – globally!

This innovative technology (patent pending) is highlighting new ways of operating in an industry that is high in energy consumption and has traditionally used less sustainable energy sources to distil essential oils. Down Under Enterprises has made a significant investment in ensuring its operations into the future are sustainable and using renewable energy.

Furthermore, the Mobile Distillery will be available to harvest the oil from botanicals already growing on lands throughout the country. Landowners will benefit both from receiving income for the biomass (an income they didn’t have previously) as well as the ability to use the spent biomass as compost. Stay tuned for some of the action in the field from this exciting new venture in essential oils and Zero.

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