What is Blockchain?

Popularized by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain is a technology that provides the backbone of a secure tracking system.  Anything can be tracked using the capabilities of blockchain -  wheat, computers, diamonds -- and soon to be essential oils.

Blockchain relies upon a secure 'ledger' or file which is accessible via the internet only if you have the right credentials.  With these credentials, you can review the information that is stored in that file, you can give access to another person or entity, and you can sell some or all of the item detailed by the file to another person.  This receiving person will then have the authentic record of what they have bought, giving them confidence their purchase is real, the contents are real, and they are now the rightful owner of their purchase.  It takes 'trust' out of the equation and instils confidence in transactions.


What is Blockchain for Essential Oils?

For too long now, the world of Essential Oils has been cloaked in secrecy and trading networks.  Add to that the ever-present risk of the adulteration of Essential Oils and this market is ready for a shakeup. 

Blockchain has the ability to give downstream buyers of essential oils confidence in transactions.  They gain knowledge that oils have come from bonafide farmers and distillers (not chemical plants and chemist labs).

Down Under is now working with GEORA, ATTIA, and other Australian Tea Tree producers to pilot a new blockchain system. We will be working with customers to implement this into their own supply chain.

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