Watch the CNN Video on Tea Tree Oil

In late 2019, Down Under was featured in a recent CNN documentary on the risks of Tea Tree Oil adulteration, what the Australian Government and Australian Tea Tree Industry Association (ATTIA) have done to help establish the safety and efficacy of Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, and the impact that adulteration can have on Australian farmers like us.  This documentary emphasizes how important it is to know the real source of raw ingredients in your products.


The Case for a Secure Supply Chain 

What 'keeps you up at night'? Is it the security and quality of the materials in your supply chain?  Do you worry that a poor quality ingredient will get through -- then into your company's products, which would lead to consumer issues in product performance or even safety.  Would this lead to a product recall?

Of course, the worst-case scenario for poor quality ingredients is when an ingredient is adulterated with non-authentic components.  Why would this happen?  Some suppliers' drive to lower costs, to offer lower prices, win more sales, and ultimately to make more money.  But at what cost to their customers?  Recall the 2008 tainted baby milk formula situation in China? Suppliers added melamine to bulk out the baby formula, resulting in a reported 6 baby deaths and over 54,000 babies hospitalized. The memory of this is still strong in China, where consumers still will not trust domestically produced baby formula.

Straight from the Source

As growers and producers of Australian essential oils and botanicals, Down Under Enterprises knows where our products come from.  If we don't produce it directly, we (personally) know the growers and work with them on a regular basis to supply these products to you.  It's one important reason why our products are produced from only Australian native plants.  All of our products go through the same certified Quality Control process [Learn more about our CERTIFICATIONS here] and batch tracking system.  Once that Down Under label goes on the product, you can be assured it is 100% Pure, 100% Natural, and 100% Traceable.

Talk to us about Traceability and let us help you achieve a secure supply chain for your Australian native botanical products.

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