A Daughter's Vision

Down Under Enterprises was founded in 2001 in a spare bedroom to sell Tea Tree Oil from Dee-Ann’s parents’ farm.  Right from the beginning, Dee-Ann found great joy and satisfaction in working with many of the early innovators in the natural products industry. She found this a striking and refreshing change from her prior career experience in Investment Banking and Management Consulting.

In the years since the focus of the company and our commitment to our customers has never wavered. We have never been about just making the sale. If our product was not right for a prospective customer, we would rather tell them that we’re not the best solution for them rather than trying to make it work. We have never compromised on quality – preferring to not sell a product versus putting out a product which was not top-notch.

As our company has grown, so have our customers and our staff to support this customer base. We love that our team has the same mentality as we do; they focus on your needs – they go beyond the minimal requirement and try to exceed your expectations every day.

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CNN Documentary - Our Tea Tree Farming Heritage

Dee-Ann is the daughter of long-standing Australian Tea Tree farmers.  While living in the US, she established Down Under Enterprises in 2001 to supply US companies with a direct source of Tea Tree Oil – from her families’ farms.  Watch this video as they tell their story.


Our Mission


We strive to be the most respected global provider of native Australian ingredients.  Our products are 100% pure, 100% natural, and 100% traceable. Our products are grown, developed, and brought to market in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable manner possible.

We develop and support our team members to be knowledgeable and highly capable, enabling them to take pride in supporting – beyond expectations – our customers’ requirements.