Looking for a direct source of Australian essential oils and botanical ingredients for your products? We are farmers - our Founder is a 6th generation Australian farmer.

We produce native Australian essential oils and supply them directly from our farms in Australia to manufacturers across the globe. In the process, we take great care of our local environment, ensuring our farming practices are highly sustainable.  Independent Sustainability auditor, EcoVadis, has rated us at their highest level - Platinum - reserved for only the top 1% of over 100,000 companies in the world. We are proud if our achievements, and of the products and service we provide our customers around the world.

Watch the video of our team at the farm planting koala food trees, weeding, and having fun while getting their hands dirty and appreciating what it takes to grow and produce the highest quality essential oils.

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CNN Video: Tea Tree Oil

Featuring Tea Tree Oil, Down Under Enterprises, and our farm, this CNN documentary highlights the efforts to establish Australian Tea Tree Oil's global reputation, and identifying a significant risk to Tea Tree farmers - adulteration.  This black market practice, purely for profit's sake, puts at risk the livelihood of Tea Tree farmers and families, as well as the health and safety of consumers of Tea Tree Oil.

Down Under Enterprises is your direct link to native Australian essential oils and botanicals.  We are farmers and we understand these plants, their growth and harvest cycles, and especially their functional properties.  Although we endure hardships - floods and droughts, heatwaves and frosts, and more -- we get great satisfaction working with the land and producing these wonderful products.

Home of Tea Tree

The Northern Rivers region on the East Coast of Australia is the traditional home of the Aboriginal Bundjalung people.  It is this region where Tea Tree was first used as a traditional remedy.  It is also where the legend of Eelemani, the Aboriginal Princess whose journey across the land was protected by Tea Trees, was passed down from generation to generation.

Our farm, Buhlambar, is located in the heart of this country.  A Bundjalung name meaning "Home of Tea Tree" (Buhlam = tea tree; bar = home), Buhlambar is now the most advanced tea tree farm in Australia.

"Buhlam" means Tea Tree, and "bar" means home, in Aboriginal Bundjalung language.

Over 120 hectares of land was laser levelled by GPS to +/-15mm accuracy to enable controlled irrigation activities. Subterranean irrigation was installed across the entire property to protect us from droughts and eliminate evaporative water loss.  We now have over 5.5 km (3.3 miles) of large bore piping installed, enabling the supply of water to anywhere on our property. To assure the full environmental sustainability of our irrigation activities, we also built a large irrigation runoff dam as well as a massive rainwater collection dam.  Irrigation waters are recycled back onto the farm in a virtual closed-loop system, governed by a detailed Irrigation and Drainage Management Plan (IDMP).

Download the booklet, "Creation of a Sustainable Farm", and learn more about our efforts to develop Buhlambar.

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