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and sustainable native Australian essential oils and botanicals grown on our farm, Buhlambar, and from small growers across Australia producing unique essential oils and botanicals from plants native to Australia.





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October 2021

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Consumers are demanding more from brands and their sustainability footprint. Our Australian Eucalyptus Oil production is leading the world in Ethical Eucalyptus. Our Eucalyptus Oil production is now Carbon Neutral, including locking up the waste in biochar – an enduring form of carbon storage.

We have very exciting news about Tea Tree Oil that was not quite ready to go by the time of this Newsletter. Keep an eye on your inbox for an email from us early next week for information - you will definitely want to hear this news!

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Carbon Neutral Australian Eucalyptus


Consumers are making a clear choice in favor of brands adopting a carbon neutral position by 2030. Coincidentally, a new era for Eucalyptus Oil is emerging.

Australian Eucalyptus Oil, produced from Eucalyptus kochii, is now carbon neutral. Additionally, our Australian Eucalyptus Oil delivers the highest concentration (>93%) of Eucalyptol – naturally – without any fractionation or rectification.

Growing Eucalyptus kochii gives back to the environment and its local community rather than stripping or draining precious natural resources. This is evidenced throughout the production process from regenerative soil practices, carbon sequestration, 100% renewable energy, zero waste, and zero oil fractionation. This new Eucalyptus Oil from Australia is rekindling an iconic Australian industry lost to low-cost labor markets many years ago. We are helping an entire community of Australian farmers to regenerate and maintain optimal farmland, while also supporting the sustainability of their farming operations.

Learn more about Australian Eucalyptus in this video.

BENEFIT 1 – 100% Renewable energy production and a “Zero Waste Stream”
BENEFIT 2 – 1 tree planted for every 1kg of Eucalyptus Oil produced
BENEFIT 3 – Most potent source of natural Eucalyptol >93%
BENEFIT 4 – Zero-carbon regenerative harvest

October Newsletter (6)


New research to be published on Tea Tree Oil

We have very exciting news about Tea Tree Oil that was not quite ready to go by the time of this Newsletter.

Keep an eye on your inbox for an email from us early next week. You will want to hear about this.



2021 NSW Premier's Export Awards Export Awards

Down Under Enterprises’ founder, Dee-Ann Prather, was recently awarded the NSW Women in International Business award at this year’s NSW Premier’s Export Awards.

This award is in recognition of outstanding achievement in developing and leading an international enterprise. Dee-Ann founded Down Under 20 years ago and continues to lead the business as Managing Director.

Our company also received a Highly Commended in the Agribusiness category.



October Rain!

Farm Update - October

The Northern Rivers region on the East Coast of Australia, the location of our farm, Buhlambar, enjoys a subtropical climate. We recently experienced some tropical rains and storms, helping our harvested trees to reshoot new growth after the recent Winter harvest. This rain was also great for stimulating our trees to flower, as you can see from these photos, our Lavender Tea Trees are now blooming.

As the rain begins to clear we will commence planting Fragonia and Lemon Scented Tea Tree in early November.





Clean Eucalyptus with a Clean Supply Chain

Australian Eucalyptus Oil is not only produced with Clean Energy and environmentally friendly farming techniques, but it also has a transparent supply chain. Our policy is that our Essential Oils are always 100% pure, never fractionated, and delivered to you with full traceability. How do we achieve this? By adopting a very simple manufacturing process flow. We know the physical location of the biomass for each batch of our Australian Eucalyptus Oil.

The journey for typical Eucalyptus Oil (80/85) is not well known. So, it may be challenging to recognize the potential environmental, social, and legal implications for sourcing this oil. We have mapped out the manufacturing flows for typical Eucalyptus Oil 80/85 versus our Australian Eucalyptus Oil below. The contrast is striking.


EuK Production Flow Chart

According to MINTEL research, 55% of French adults agree that they are prepared to boycott brands that behave unethically, and the research further notes that the global consumer sentiment is demanding transparency. Consumers are doing their homework and expecting proof before purchase, with 30% of Beauty and Personal Care buyers checking the packaging for ethical claims.

This video explains the harvesting, distillation, and traceability of our Australian Eucalyptus Oil.



100% Renewable Energy Production

Kochii Pyrolysis

Carbon Sequestration and regenerative farming practices are emerging as the new standard as the industry evolves to adopt environmentally friendly practices.

Consumers are trying to protect the planet by selecting Brands that align with their values. MINTEL insights reveal that consumers view sustainability as something by which they define themselves, not just as a nice to have. They expect Brands to take end-to-end responsibility for materials and drive zero waste.

The carbon sequestration of the spent biomass (post-distillation) of our Australian Eucalyptus Oil (Eucalyptus kochii) is achieved under controlled and enclosed pyrolysis of the biomass, producing its own fuel source, as opposed to fossil fuels or uncontrolled burning of the spent biomass. The waste products (biochar and wood vinegar) become valuable downstream products. This process has a “Zero Waste Stream” – no CO2 is released into the environment. The biochar format locks up carbon for many centuries, while the wood vinegar is used as fertilizer.

The land on which the Eucalyptus trees are grown benefits from the coppicing (harvesting) technique employed, ensuring the native ecosystem is maintained. The coppicing method does not require the removal of the tree stump/roots. Regular harvesting of Eucalyptus kochii trees supports the soil health by maintaining the salinity balance in the land’s water table and allowing the farmers to grow wheat crops successfully. This new Australian Eucalyptus industry is supporting the farmers in the region with an additional income stream, especially important during times of drought.



Penny talks Eucalyptus!

Our Marketing Coordinator, Penny, talks about her favorite Essential Oil, Eucalyptus, and how she uses it at home.

Learn more about Eucalyptus Oil and its applications in Home Care and natural respiratory support.

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