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December 2022

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We are very excited to introduce you this month an entirely new oil - Eucalyptus Yandee™. Imagine a Eucalyptus Oil like never before, very soft and gentle, yet with a refreshing twist of fruity sweetness. If you are looking for something different than the normal "Eucalyptus Oil" with eco-friendly attributes, then look no further than Yandee!

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Eucalyptus Like Never Before


Yandee™ - A Unique Eucalyptus Experience
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Australia is the home of Eucalyptus. Over 700 varieties of Eucalyptus are indigenous to this continent, most of which feature that common and distinctive camphoraceous smell. But Eucalyptus Yandee is not your typical Eucalyptus Oil.

Eucalyptus Yandee (Eucalyptus loxiphleba lissophloea) Essential Oil is the Eucalyptus you have never before experienced. Imagine an all-natural eucalyptus aroma but with a fresh and uplifting twist of fruity sweetness – pears, apples – perhaps even a hint of peach.


While Yandee Oil is comprised of ~75% Eucalyptol (1,8 cineole), the similarities with common Eucalyptus end there. According to aromatherapy and Australian essential oil expert Mark Webb, Yandee exhibits a fresh and minty fragrance with striking – and surprising – green apple and grass notes. Mark goes on to say, “Yandee is very, very soft and nice”.

As smell is linked to memory recall more than any other sense, Yandee Oil can elicit youthful memories – perhaps Jolly Rancher Green Apple Candies?Jolly Rancher green apple 4 tall


Yandee™ - A Functional Fragrance

For centuries, Australian Aboriginal people used a concoction of cineole-rich Eucalyptus leaves for healing wounds and dealing with fungal infections. These remedies may have also been used to relieve cold and flu symptoms.






of global fragrance NPD made aromatherapy claims in 2022, up from 12%.

of US consumers are interested in using fragrances with skincare benefit

Source: Kantar Profiles/Mintel, Oct 2022

Yandee Oil is naturally high in Eucalyptol (1,8 cineole). Yet paradoxically, Yandee’s aroma is quite gentle and soft. It opens with fresh and crisp minty notes, gradually transitioning into dry smoky, woody undertones.  The green, fruity facet of this oil cues clean with a freshness that helps uplift one’s senses.

Explore your options with Australian Eucalyptus Oil as a fragrance/perfume compound. Learn more - download our PERFUMERY BROCHURE


The natural Eucalyptol concentration in Yandee (~75%) is somewhat higher than the natural concentration of Eucalyptus Globulus (~65%), sharing many common Eucalyptus Oil functional benefits. Research on Eucalyptol reveals it may act as an antibacterial in sinus and respiratory infections and potentially as a symptomatic aid in flu or other respiratory conditions. Essential Oil expert Mark Webb believes Eucalyptus Yandee Essential Oil will be an ideal eucalyptus oil in diffusion and leave-on products, like chest rubs, for children due to its inherent softness.

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According to Mintel, 67% of US fragrance shoppers are interested in “fragrances made with sustainable ingredients”,  and yet only 5% of launches in the Beauty/Personal Care (BPC) category feature such fragrances. This gap offers significant opportunities for brands to drive consumers to purchase eco-friendly fragranced products.





of global fragrance NPD made an environmentally friendly product claim in 2022, up from 12% in 2021* of UK adults believe it's important to use beauty products that contain sustainably sourced ingredients

 Source: The Future of Fragrance, MINTEL, Oct 2021 vs 2022 

The story of Eucalyptus Yandee began as a quest for ecological sustainability. Back in the 1990s, a group of wheat farmers in Western Australia experimented with an ecological solution to prevent salinity issues on their farms caused by a rising water table. 

They discovered that intercropping deep-rooted Eucalyptus trees, like Yandee or Kochii, could effectively lower the water table and minimize the salinity rising from deep in the soil. Today, harvesting these Eucalyptus plantings now yields essential oils and a source of stable income for farmers.


Yandee is harvested using an arborist method called coppicing. Coppicing means cutting down the trees to just above the ground and triggering the deep root system development of the plants. After coppicing, Eucalyptus Yandee would put on more lead biomass. This method has been used for thousands of years to maintain the surrounding ecosystem and strengthen the plant simultaneously. The Eucalyptus trees' deep roots help counter the soil's salinity, improving their row intercropping of wheat and providing a high cineole yielding Eucalyptus oil.

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Adding to the sustainable story of Australian Eucalyptus, the “spent charge” biomass from our Eucalyptus Yandee distillation is being used to create clean-burning fuel and, through a unique pyrolysis process, the byproducts biochar and wood vinegar. This closed-loop system is helping to curb climate change one Eucalyptus tree at a time! With each kilogram of Eucalyptus Oil sold, we are planting an additional Eucalyptus tree in Australia. Eucalyptus Yandee is an eco-friendly choice for companies looking for a compelling sustainable ingredient story.

Consumers desire safer, greener, and more effective fragrances. Supporting this, consumer groups are pushing for more transparency on fragrance ingredients rather than a general “fragrance” listing. Taking the initiative, Unilever now discloses fragrance ingredients down to 0.01%, offering their consumers intelligent information and third-party certifications.

Bold and genuine commitments to sustainability, like carbon neutrality and traceability, can help fragrance brands win consumers’ trust. Between Jan 2016 and Dec 2021, there was a 420.27% increase globally in carbon-neutral claims on packaging across all end-use categories.

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Clinical Trial: Inhalation of Eucalyptus helps reduce pain for rheumatoid arthritis patients

Human clinical trial results published in the October 2022 issue of Contemporary Clinical Trail Communications demonstrate a significant decrease in pain intensity in the trial cohort receiving 1ml of Eucalyptus Oil in a 3-5min inhalation period for a one-month duration, as compared with the group given a placebo. In addition to the improved quality of life of rheumatoid arthritis patients. 

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Certified Organic Eucalyptus Distillery 

Our Eucalyptus distillery has just received Organic Certification, offering USDA NOP and Bio-CE certification for Australian Eucalyptus Oil. Supply capacity exceeds 100MT for each variety processed, both Eucalyptus Yandee and Eucalyptus Kochii. In addition, the distillery now employs a state-of-the-art pyrolysis system, producing co-gen energy, biochar, and wood vinegar for a completely closed-loop Carbon system.

Please reach out to your Down Under salesperson and learn more about our  pure and natural Eucalyptus Oils.




Harvest Finally Starts at Buhlambar

harvest 2022_4

Our annual Tea Tree harvest finally started last week at our Buhlambar Essential Oil Farm after constant rain and clouds delayed the harvest for the last six months.

Harvesting occurs using a sustainable practice called coppicing, which means harvesting without removing roots and trunks. The coppicing method gathers our plant biomass for processing via steam distillation, a process used for many of our products including Tea Tree and Eucalyptus.

harvest 2022_2

Cutting the trees to a low level after harvesting, with minimal soil disturbance, ensures fresh green shoots emerge from the (lignotuber) rootball in the Spring.

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Not to be forgotten, we have also been busy at our Buhlambar farm tending to our Lemon Scented Tea Tree, Lavender Tea Tree, Fragonia®, and Lemon Myrtle, which will all be harvested later this year.



Know our Yandee™ Growers  

Ingredient transparency is a critical purchasing factor for 73% of consumers – and they are willing to pay more for it. Consumers state they want to know how ingredients are sourced, where they are made, and by whom.  Most consumers indicated their willingness to pay more as either “more likely” or “very likely” for products from more transparent companies. (Source: Pure Branding)

Down Under is committed to a transparent and traceable supply chain. We provide ‘farm to facility’ traceability for every one of our ingredients. In addition to the ingredients produced on our own farms, we work with a select group of growers from across Australia for over 15 years. Most are friends of ours, “mom and dad growers” who love working the farm and producing beautiful Australian essential oils, but may not have the time or ability to manage all the quality control, documentation, certifications, and logistics issues required by today’s manufacturers across the globe. These growers depend upon Down Under to market and sell their production. At the same time, we as a company take responsibility for ensuring our growers are evolving their sustainability practices. We spend a lot of time with our growers, helping implement some of the same procedures we have implemented on our farm, Buhlambar, and within our company.  
Kochii growers walking the paddock

Our Yandee growers started their plantings in the 1990s, intercropping Eucalyptus Trees between their wheat fields for over 25 years in the Wheat Belt of Western Australia. 

The concept to intercrop wheat and Eucalyptus began with wheat farmer Don Stanley. 

Don developed this forward-thinking solution to retard salinity issued caused by rising water levels on their farm. Arborist Daniel Wildy pursued the concept, carrying out a PhD in mallee eucalypts, publishing papers on special equipment and techniques to minimize the damage to the roots of Eucalyptus when harvesting. Recently, one of the farms has undergone organic conversion status, enabling Down Under to now offer certified organic (USDA NOP and Bio-CE) Yandee Oil in commercial quantities.

Click to learn more about our secure supply chain and Australian Eucalyptus Growers.  

My Favorite Oil


Mark Webb's perspective on Yandee™

Our Essential Oil guru Mark Webb discusses his vision of Yandee in Beauty and Personal Care applications.