Buhlambar's Biodiversity Register - tracking Nature's comeback

Posted by: Nila | 31 Jul, 2023

Monoculture farming, often characterized by the cultivation of a single crop, can be detrimental to the ecosystem, disrupting the natural habitats and food supply of various species. 

When we acquired the land for our farm, Buhlambar, in 2016 we vowed to create a local ecosystem which would bring back the native animals - echidnas, sugar gliders, koalas, and kangaroos. Seven years later, the enviroment is teaming with biodiversity - now being tracked in our Farm Biodiversity Register.

What is our Farm Biodiversity Register?

An old saying goes, "Variety is the spice of life." In our quest to understand and appreciate the renewed biodiversity on our farm, we created the Buhlambar Farm Biodiversity Register. This is a comprehensive record of the various species that call our farm home. It's a living document that grows and changes as we continue our journey to create a welcoming native habitat for native Australian species.

  • We meticulously document the species encountered. From birds to marsupials, insects to reptiles, every creature has a place in our biodiversity register.

  • We also record the various plant species growing on our farm. Recognizing the significance and variety of flora in sustaining this rich fauna, we strive to keep a high level of plant diversity.

  • The Register also keeps track of the seasonal changes on our farm, helping us understand the behavioral patterns of local species and their interactions with the environment.


What has the Buhlambar Farm been doing to improve biodiversity?

Buhlambar Farm Bird_2
Providing Homes

We understand the importance of a safe and comfortable habitat for all living creatures. To support this, we have been building nesting boxes for small animals. By doing this, we provide them a secure place to live, breed and thrive.

Enhancing Habitats

We've been committed to planting trees along the Koala corridor on our farm. This initiative has been ongoing for the last four years, providing enhanced habitats for the local koalas and other tree-dwelling animals.drone-koala corridors

Boosting Plant Diversity

Instead of opting for monoculture farming like many other farms, we have been planting different varieties of native Australian botanicals. This variety of flora ensures a steady supply of food and shelter for the fauna throughout the year, promoting a balanced and thriving ecosystem.

How Can We Use the Results to Improve Our Biodiversity?

Studying the data from our Biodiversity Register helps us understand the health of our farm's ecosystem. We can use this data to identify trends, understand patterns, and make informed decisions about our farm management practices.

The information in our Register helps us to understand the needs of different species. It helps us to plan what to plant, when to plant, and where to plant. This way, we can ensure that our farm is a thriving habitat for diverse species throughout the year - even as we harvest our essential oil plantings.

Finally, the Biodiversity Log acts as a tool for monitoring the effectiveness of our actions. We can assess whether our efforts to enhance habitats, provide homes, and boost plant diversity are indeed yielding positive results.

Buhlambar Farm's commitment to biodiversity is not just about improving our farm, it's about contributing positively to the planet's health. Through our Biodiversity Register, we share our journey and hopefully inspire others to embrace biodiversity in their own spaces. After all, biodiversity is life's own way of saying that everyone matters and has a unique role to play in the grand scheme of things.

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