Planting trees for koalas

Posted by: Graci | 28 Apr, 2020

Our koala sanctuary

Did you know that there are over 700 species of Eucalyptus trees in Australia, but Koalas eat fewer than 50 species? Yes, they are fussy eaters!

Sadly, we are seeing a large number of these unique marsupials diminishing over the years. Deforestation, disease (chlamydia - yes, they suffer from STDs too), bushfires, and other negative factors. Nobody wants to see these adorable animals go extinct.

As an ongoing effort to help our precious fauna, the Down Under Team got together at Buhlambar, our Tea Tree farm on the Australian (NSW) East Coast in late 2019 and planted eucalyptus trees to expand our koala corridor. Over 800 seedlings from species that the Koalas eat have been planted on our farm.  

It was a truly special day at our farm Buhlambar. The team loved to get their hands dirty and extending the koala corridor. We have been visited already by customers and kangaroos! As these trees mature, we expect to start seeing regular visits from adorable koalas at our farm. Hopefully, they enjoy it enough to want to stay!

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