Antimicrobial Applications of Tea Tree

Posted by: Phil | 23 Apr, 2020

Our Pure Australian Tea Tree is produced to the Australia Tea Tree Industry Association’s (ATTIA’s) Code of Practice certification, providing customers with the potential of scientifically demonstrated benefits of this quality oil in their products.

Common uses:

  • Hand and body wash, especially acne products
  • Dental and oral care
  • Insect bites and afflictions
  • Surface sanitisers and cleaners
  • Air freshening and purifying

Australian Tea Tree Oil offers formulators many functional benefits. Hundreds of peer-reviewed, published data documents its antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties. At Down Under we continue to support the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association and the advancement of the science behind this natural wonder. We offer a series of WHITE PAPERS for each of these application areas, summarizing these scientific findings.

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