Trend 8: Waterless Products (10 Global Cosmetic Trends - look to Australia’s exotic actives)

Posted by: Penny | 14 May, 2022

Trend 8- Waterless Products

Water is a key component of the product INCI listing for most Beauty and Personal Care products. But it is not just the water (agua) in the INCI that is catching people’s attention with the Waterless trend. It is the entire product – and ingredients – journey, from ingredient production and sourcing to its final application.

While it may seem an unavoidable ingredient (and precursor), many categories across consumer-packaged goods categories are innovating to satisfy eco-minded shoppers. Eliminating unnecessary water at every stage of a product's lifespan is now taking a frontline focus in supply chain decisions.

Eco-consciousness is on the rise across all personal care categories. Innovation in this area is reflecting a strong consumer interest. Water scarcity is driving brands to innovate with waterless, solid, and/or concentrated formats/formulas. This can offer tremendous value due to their concentrated nature and packaging opportunities.

Brands both big and small can tap into this idea, following the lead of L'Oréal. The beauty giant has already launched major water-saving initiatives, including its own water recycling station in Warsaw with the goal of reusing industrial water at every possible opportunity.

Stick deodorants, already nicely align with a solid BPC movement and we are seeing more innovations such as body wash concentrate.




71% of US consumers express interest in soap, bath and shower products that help save water.

In 2020 71% of US adults wanted to take shorter showers to help save water, while in 2019, 30% were trying to use less water showering/bathing

of adults in Italy believe that low water usage is an important claim for a beauty/grooming product or brand that claims to be eco-friendly

Source: Mintel Report: Elevate eco-minded bodycare with waterless claims MINTEL 2022

Australian Botanicals meeting the trend for 'Waterless Products'



Hydrosol is a water by-product of the essential oil distillation process, which would otherwise be discarded. The hydrosol is a softer version of the essential oil, retaining many of the therapeutic properties, but also including many of the water-soluble components of the plant, including alcohols. Hydrosols have their own INCI and can be used in a broad range of applications in personal care, from hair care to skin care and aromatherapy products. Hydrosols provide an upcycled water replacement in a formulation – for those seeking to reduce their water footprint by replacing the water content of their formula with an upcycled water ingredient. This also has the benefit of replacing water as the number one ingredient in a product with a botanical water hydrosol.

Essential Oils

Solid and concentrated product formats allow for a lower concentration of essential oil to be used without compromising functional fragrance properties. This is due to a reduced need for emulsifier to solubilize the essential oil, which ultimately results in an easier formulation process.

Down Under Enterprises offers a broad portfolio of native Australian Botanicals which can support your Waterless formulation initiatives.

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