Trend 9: Carbon Neutral (10 Global Cosmetic Trends - look to Australia’s exotic actives)

Posted by: Penny | 14 May, 2022

As consumers look for guidance to shrink their carbon footprint, it is no surprise that ‘Carbon Neutral’ has been one of the fastest-growing trends in recent years. Between December 2016 and December 2021 there has been a 575.41% increase in carbon-neutral claims on packaging in the Beauty and Personal Care categories globally. The trend is evident across multiple categories on the MINTEL Global New Product Database with a 420.27% increase in the same timeframe.

Big beauty players such as Natura have been leading the charge through recent investment in sustainability across its brands, including The Body Shop, Aesop, and Avon. Their US$100+ million investment into regenerative supply chain innovation includes carbon capture as part of their net-zero target.[i]

Carbon footprint reporting is growing in use with brands, manufacturers, and retailers. Consumers seek transparency on important environmental measurements related to sourcing, production, distribution, and packaging.


Source: MINTEL Global New Products Database, 2021


Between Jan 2016 and Dec 2021, there was a 420.27% increase in carbon-neutral claims on packaging across all end-use categories globally.   

Carbon-Neutral-Calims-Gobal-BeautySource: MINTEL Global New Products Database, 2021

Australian Botanicals for 'Carbon Neutral'


Down Under Enterprises is helping to curb climate change 1 Eucalyptus tree at a time! For every kilogram of the following Eucalyptus oils we sell annually, we are planting an additional Eucalyptus tree in Australia. Below are the stand-out Australian botanicals and essential oils that meet the Ingredient Carbon Neutral trend:

Eucalyptus Kochii Oil

This Eucalyptus Oil is carbon neutral and, delivers the highest concentration (>93%) of Eucalyptol (1,8 cineole) available naturally. Application of Eucalyptus is broad and ranges from homecare to personal care, including respiratory health and oral health.

Yandee Oil

This species of Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus loxophleba lissophloa) is found in the same region as Eucalyptus Kochii. It is processed and distilled to the same carbon neutral standards. Our Yandee Oil is 75% Eucalyptol and boasts a fresh and minty fragrance with striking green apple and grass notes. Commercial wholesale quantities of both oils are available for incorporation into Home Care and Personal Care formulations. These Australian Eucalyptus Oils, Eucalyptus kochii and Yandee, are being produced in a carbon neutral process.

The spent biomass acquired from the distillation of these Eucalyptus Oils is converted to biochar under a controlled and enclosed pyrolysis process. The heat generated produces its own fuel source for additional distillation activities. This system largely eliminates the use of fossil fuels or uncontrolled burning of the spent biomass.

The waste products are biochar and wood vinegar, which become valuable downstream products. Biochar consists of tightly bound carbon molecules, locked up for 150+ years. The exhaust from this process is captured in water to become “wood vinegar”, a nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer that is gaining a commercial agricultural market in Australia.

This complete process offers a “Zero Waste Stream” – no CO2 is released into the environment. The biochar format locks up carbon for centuries, while the wood vinegar has the potential to improve crop yields without synthetic fertilizers.

Sustainable and responsible farming practices of these Eucalyptus species in Australia are evidenced throughout the production process from regenerative soil practices, carbon sequestration, 100% renewable energy, zero waste, and zero fractionation of the oil into components. What results is an Australian grown and produced, pure and natural Eucalyptus Oil – with Carbon Neutral credibility.


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