Buddha Wood Oil: Soothes rashes and smells great

Posted by: Penny | 21 Feb, 2021


Buddha Wood Oil, part of our Australian Wood Oils Collection, has great skin soothing benefits. This wonderful oil was featured in Personal Care Magazine.

Buddha Wood Oil is known for its woody oak aroma and rosy undertones. It also has the potential in personal care formulations to help alleviate the following conditions:

Sweat Rash - Buddha Wood Oil inhibits Candida albicans, the microbe most commonly implicated in sweat rash - achieving these results more effectively at low concentration than the better known natural antifungal, Tea Tree Oil.

Shaving Rash - Buddha Wood Oil’s unique sesquiterpenes offer potential anti-inflammatory properties. Together with the oil's strong inhibitory effect on the bacterium responsible for folliculitis, Staphylococcus aureus, these capabilities have the potential to alleviate shaving rash.

Read the article here: 'From the Australian Outback: a grooming oil for men'

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