Fair Trade and Down Under

Posted by: Graci | 17 Jun, 2020


We offer our customer base a wide range of certifications and accreditations, but Fair Trade is not one of them.  We have certainly looked into obtaining Fair Trade status for our products, especially for those which are produced for us by Australian and New Zealand indigenous people.  It’s just not possible – learn why… 

What is Fair Trade in the first place?  

Fair Trade is about helping farmers and workers in developing countries receive decent, “Fair”, price for their products and make sure they have fair and adequate working conditions. Fair Trade assists producers by helping them to build their businesses and improve their community by creating more opportunities.  

Can Down Under supply you with a Fair Trade Certification for our products 

Unfortunately not. 

Fair Trade certification is not available for 1st world countriesDown Under is specialized in Australian native Essential Oils and botanicals, consequently, we do not source any of our products from developing countries. Down Under Enterprises does work within the Australian Federal Fair Trade Act, regulations which guarantee our growers and workers with fair returns and compensationsrespect cultural heritage and diversity, support safe and empowering working conditions, as well as cultivate environmental stewardship. 

The great news is that Down Under is backed up by other 3rd party certifications that might fit your requirements.  

  • Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has recently been assessed by EcoVadis and we scored a Bronze Medal. [Learn more about EcoVadis HERE]  
  • Down Under, as a member of the UN Global Alliance, supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We have chosen 11 goals out of the 17 UN program goals as directly applicable to us.  These 11 goals serve as a framework for the management of our Sustainability Program [Learn more HERE] 

We would love to help you with your certification requirements. Contact us today.

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