Renewable energy Farm Equipment

Posted by: Nila | 21 Jun, 2023

Solar Powered Electric Quad

Our all-time favorite toy on the farm is the solar powered electric 4x4 ATV quad bike which will be used instead of the gasoline and diesel-powered work vehicles to get around the farm for operations and general maintenance. 

It is more powerful compared to a gasoline/petrol powered ATV.

This new all-electric ATV will be a key element of our new Solar Powered Mobile Essential Oil Distillery by providing access to areas that are hard to reach, accessing our more boutique wildcrafted botanicals. 

Drone Technology

Australian farmers are turning to drone monitoring systems to increase the likelihood of a successful crop and positively impact the consistency of supply.

We are starting down the path of drone technology from 2021 and hosted training for neighborhood farmers on our farm. 

The drones would be able to capture and analyze spectral imaging of our tea trees and other crops on our farm. This technology is able to monitor plant health and viability, long before issues become visible to the naked eye. This new imaging analysis is the really exciting part of adopting drones for our farming activities. 

We are implementing a “proactive farm management” approach on our farm – combining this spectral monitoring with our weather station and soil analysis probes to keep our trees happy and healthy. And, of course, all powered with 100% renewable energy.

Click to read more of our sustainability initiatives. 

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