Unpacking our ‘B Impact Score’ Workers

Posted by: Nila | 02 Jul, 2023

B Impact workersOne of the key features of the B Corp movement is the rigorous certification process that businesses must go through in order to become certified. This involves a detailed assessment of the company's impact across the five impact areas, Governance, Environment, Workers, Community and Customers. By focusing on these areas, we ensure that we are making a meaningful difference in the world around us. This is about how we go further than 'talking the talk' to put real substance to our actions.

Part 3 - Workers

B Corp assesses our worker’s benefits, welfare, and development, including how we treat our employees and create a positive working environment. 

We would love to do good work with good people. As a female-founded and managed business, we emphasis equality and diversity. 

We have an equal male: female split at the moment. 85% of our employees are non-Australian born.  

Taken into account were factors such as every person on our global team being covered by health insurance, each employee having a personal development plan, and our average employee’s skills training hours have increased by 172% since we adopted this KPI in 2020.

bubble soccerA highlight of every quarter is organizing activities to encourage the health and wellness of our employees. Over the past, we have done countless fun activities. Last quarter we engaged in a team bubble soccer event.

That was a load of fun! 


Our Evidence in 5 B Corp Assessment Areas






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