Unpacking our ‘B Impact Score’ Community

Posted by: Nila | 30 Jun, 2023

B Impact CommunityOne of the key features of the B Corp movement is the rigorous certification process that businesses must go through in order to become certified. This involves a detailed assessment of the company's impact across the five impact areas, Governance, Environment, Workers, Community and Customers. By focusing on these areas, we ensure that we are making a meaningful difference in the world around us. This is about how we go further than 'talking the talk' to put real substance to our actions.

Part 4 - Community

The Community impact category evaluates the impact our business has on the communities in which we operate.

As a producer of Australian native botanical extracts, we treasure our valuable connection with the land. At the end of last year, we began our first Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and marked the beginning of our RAP journey with a eucalyptus tree planted with local Aboriginal Elder Aunty Gwen and Paula.

Click here to Read More about our Reconciliation Action Plan. Keep following our monthly newsletters to stay up to date on our progress.

We undergo formal annual audits by external third-party organizations, including ISO, Australian Trusted Trader, Ecovadis, Cosmos Natural, and Australian Certified Organic.

We rolled out our Supplier Code of Conduct in 2022 to communicate with our suppliers on how we do business and set expectations for similar ethical boundaries for our suppliers and stakeholders. Reference to our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was recently updated in the Code of Conduct.

We use this Supplier Code of Conduct to bond with like-minded suppliers and clients and to gauge acceptance, questions, and cooperation across our stakeholder network. Like our Manuka growers in New Zealand, which cooperate with and support traditional Maori farming practices to revitalize their land. 


Our Evidence in 5 B Corp Assessment Areas






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